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林智偉 創辦人
Chih-Wei Lin Founding Director
FOCA福爾摩沙馬戲團團長,前雲門舞集特約舞者,Ted x Taipei講者 10歲踏入表演,至今年已投入表演領域20個年頭,2008年畢業於國立臺灣戲曲學院,前往臺北市立大學體育與健康學系就讀,2009年草創MIX舞動劇坊,2012《初衣十舞》藝術總監暨製作人、2014《人我之間》製作人,2014將劇團更名為FOCA福爾摩沙馬戲團,2016《一瞬之光.How Long is Now?》製作人,2016擔任《奧列的奇幻旅程》製作人及美國巡迴作品《亞洲之心》導演
曾獲邀法國外亞維儂藝術節、法國OBERNAI新馬戲藝術節、英國愛丁堡藝穗節、丹麥DGI運動與文化藝術節、柬埔寨Tini Tinou國際馬戲節、德國Semper Opernball - Dresden、法國新東向藝術聯盟香檳區巡演、馬來西亞 KAKISENI音樂藝術節、臺北藝術節、高雄春天藝術節、臺南藝術節等國內外藝術節。
Company Director of Formosa Circus Art
Former Cloud Gate Dance Theatre contributing Dancer
Lecturer of TED x Taipei He initiated his performing career at the age of ten, accumulating twenty years of professional trainings and performances. After graduating from Department of Acrobatics, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts in 2008, he studied at the Department of Exercise and Health Sciences at the University of Taipei. In 2009 he founded MIX Acrobatics Theater, which had become FOCA in 2014. He was the producer and artistic director of Pursue Our Dreams in 2012, also served as producer for Self and Others in 2014, Olé and The Light of Instant: How Long is Now? in 2016. Lin directed the American touring performance Heart of Asia in 2016.
He has been invited to several festivals in Taiwan and abroad, including Festival d'Avignon Off in France, Festival Pisteurs d'Etoiles in Obernai, France, Taiwan Season of Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK, DGI Sport & Culture Festival in Denmark, Tini Tinou International Circus Festival of Cambodia, Semper Opernball Dresden in Germany, A l'Est du Nouveau in Champagne in France, KAKISENI Music Festival in Malaysia, Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival, Taipei Arts Festival, Tainan Arts Festival.
李宗軒 藝術總監
Tsung-Hsuan Lee Artistic Director
FOCA福爾摩沙馬戲團藝術總監,前雲門舞集專職舞者,獨立藝術家 國立臺北藝術大學舞蹈系畢業。曾擔任台北越界舞團、野草舞蹈聚落、玫舞集、雲門舞集專職舞者。曾於香港東邊舞蹈團之「亞洲當代舞林匯演之AM篇」發表作品《Run Away》和《D.N.A》,2015年赴澳洲墨爾本藝術駐村,同年於臺北藝術節「雙城交鋒」發表獨舞作品《殼》;也嘗試影像、新媒體、當代馬戲的創作,於當代馬戲作品《人我之間》擔任編舞,該作品受邀至英國愛丁堡藝穗節演出。馬戲導演作品《奧列的奇幻旅程》受邀於2016高雄春天藝術節演出,並擔任《一瞬之光:How Long is Now?》動作設計。 Artistic Director of Formosa Circus Art
Former Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Dancer
Independent Artist Lee graduated from the Department of Dance at the National Taipei University of the Arts(TNUA). He was dancer for the Taipei Crossover Dance Company, the Tussock Dance Theatre, Meimage Dance, and the Cloud Gate Theatre. He choreographed and performed Run Away & D.N.A in Contemporary Dance Showcase "Asian-Male Episode" by the E-Side Dance Company. In 2015, he undertook an artist-in-residence project in Melbourne, Australia, and presented his solo piece, Shell, in “eXchange” at the Taipei Arts Festival the very same year. Lee’s works also include dance film, new media and contemporary circus. He was the choreographer of contemporary circus performance Self and Others, which was invited to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. His directing work Olé was invited to perform at 2016 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival. He was also the movement director of The Light of Instant: How Long is Now? in 2016 Taipei Arts Festival. Currently he is an independent artist.
陳冠廷 副團長
Kuan-Ting Chen Vice Director
FOCA福爾摩沙馬戲團副團長 臺北市立大學體育與健康學系。2009年與林智偉共同創立MIX舞動劇坊。曾獲邀參加北京風馬牛戲劇節、法國OBERNAI新馬戲藝術節、法國外亞維儂藝術節、馬來西亞KAKISENI音樂藝術節、法國新東向藝術聯盟香檳區巡演、英國愛丁堡藝穗節臺灣季、丹麥DGI運動與文化藝術節、柬埔寨Tini Tinou國際馬戲節、德國Semper Opernball-Dresden、美國及加拿大巡迴演出、高雄衛武營藝術祭、臺北藝術節、臺南藝術節等國內外藝術節邀演。獲邀2012TMA世界魔術大賽嘉賓,2009年拿下美國IJA世界雜耍比賽亞軍,擔任《初衣十舞》編舞,《人我之間》、《奧列的奇幻旅程》技術指導。 Studied in Department of Exercise and Health Sciences, University of Taipei. As vice company director, Chen co-founded MIX Acrobatics Theater with Lin back in 2009. As a performer, he took part in Apple & Orange Drama Festival in Beijing, Festival Pisteurs d'Etoiles in Obernai and Festival d'Avignon Off in France. Also KAKISENI Music Festival in Malaysia, A l'Est du Nouveau in Champagne,France. Taiwan Season - Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK, Tini Tinou International Circus Festival in Cambodia, Semper Opernball-Dresden in Germany, touring in 14 cities in the US and Canada, and Weiwuying Arts Festival, Taipei Arts Festival and Tainan Arts Festival...etc. He guest performed at 2012 TMA Magic Convention and participated in the 2009 International Jugglers Association (IJA) Competition in the US, ranking second among international competitors. He choreographed Pursue Our Dreams, served as technical director of Self & Others and Olé.