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FOCA福爾摩沙馬戲團.Formosa Circus Art - 按日期篩選文章: 週四, 09 八月 2018
週四, 09 八月 2018 15:17

悟空 Wukong

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Wukong is a monkey? The Monkey King or The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal? Male or Female? A Xian or a Yao? Who is Wukong exactly?

"On the top of the mountain, there is a magic stone with a magic core inside. One day it bursts open to produce a ball-sized stone egg. By the touch of the wind, it turns into a stone monkey. It has five features and all four limbs, with his eyes move, two beams of golden light shoot toward the Jade palace." This is the birth of a stone monkey that we call today "Sun wukong" in Wu Cheng-en's Journey to the West. The stone monkey passed through the Shuilian Waterfall in Mountain of Flowers and Fruit and became the Monkey King. After being given the name of Sun Wukong, he learned Cloud of Somersault and the Seventy-two Transformation. He obtained the golden-banded staff from the Dragon King of the East Sea, and wiped his name out of the Book of Life from the Hell. The supernatural power of Sun Wukong alerted the heavens and the four-dimensional world. All the way from Bimawen (horse keeper in Jade palace) to The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he stole the magical peach and magical elixir, wreaked havoc across the Jade palace. Finally, Buddha pressured him under the Wuzhi Mountain.

文章類別: 歷年製作/PRODUCTIONS